Company presentation

We design high standard industrial and utility buildings/facilities such as pharmaceutical finished product production (tabletting, injectables, clean area, laboratory, logistics, offices, production areas). Based upon showing personal interest therein and commitment thereto, we provide for energy-conscious and environmental-conscious design (construction using adobes, old rustic buildings reconstruction, etc), and special design of building structures in that field.
We participate, from posing a problem, at every level of a support by expert and designer, by preparing study plan, technical basic design, permit design, tender and final designs, and by helping with implementation

Pitvar Kft. was founded in 1990 and has been owned by private persons who manage the company and personally participate in professional work. The company operation is based on the "One field - one company" principle. Of all professional jobs, we do civil engineering design, and coordinate design work for a facility as a whole as well as for construction and installation jobs.

For industrial buildings being typical of our company, the civil engineering designing primarily aims at meeting technological demands, and concentrates on functional and 3D coordination of more and more sophisticated systems of a building, keeping the construction and running costs and the harmonic architectural appearance in view.

For the technological and designing jobs (load bearing structures, building mechanical installation, electric installation, elevator, security, communications and IT systems, etc) we select experts and subcontractor designers according to type, size and complexity of the specific job, who have appropriate references, personal experience, and an attitude to perform a correct cooperation. Company manager coordinates the work of all participants, with a professional view of a depth it requires, by specifying internal performance conditions and by checking the execution thereof. A controlled, IT-based communication ensures that designs are coordinated and all goals set are fulfilled.

We strive for establishing a long term relationship with our customers, based upon achieving that a customer should trust in the designer, by ensuring high quality project preparation and design, keeping delivery times, by providing a constructive participation even during the implementation phase, with a consistent adherence to the principle of designer`s and expert`s independence.

Every design documentation delivered by our company is prepared using a computerized processing method based upon Autocad, ACA, MS Office, MS Project, Terc Kft.: King, etc.).

The high quality of our work is guaranteed by designs we have made for former projects at customers` satisfaction, and by an utmost care arising from our consciousness of personal responsibility. Our operation is backed up by a designer`s liability insurance